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Empowering Women and Men to Break Free from Coercive Controlling Relationships



Lis is an Author, Certified Speaker, Life Coach Empowering Women and Men to ‘Break Free’ from coercive controlling relationships. Lis is a Facilitator of the VOICE Programme (Victims of Intimate Coercive Experience), domestic abuse advocate for the voice of the child and survivor of coercive control. She started her career as a youth support worker that supported young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties who resided in independent children’s homes. From this, Lis then started her career teaching in both mainstream and independent schools covering both KS3 and KS4 at GCSE, specialising in Humanities, Health and Social Care and Psychology. Lis is the Author of ‘Break Free’ (2021) which maps Lis’s transformational journey and paradigm shift out of her coercive controlling relationship which spanned nearly two decades. Lis is also the Author of Co-Parenting within Coercive Control A parent’s guide to helping and supporting their children (2022) Lis’s purpose is to spread awareness of coercive control and to support others experiencing this type of abuse.

break free

Lis’s main focus is on the importance of the Inner Game for self-healing and

empowerment Lis’s Break Free programme is the exact blue print that Lis used in order to leave her own abusive relationship. Lis’s programme pays particular attention to positive thought processes moving forward which will enable you to feel empowered, you will be equip with the tools to focus only on what serves you. This is help you to gain back control over your life and create a new life free from the paradigms that once controlled you. You will have the confidence to make decisions in your life that will create peace in your heart. The Inner game is the only game that you can truly win in life, because the thoughts we think determine our life experiences.

you could be next!

‘Working with Lis has been great, I can honestly say I am a different person, I lacked confidence and didn’t feel able do what was right me and children.

Working with Lis has helped me to overcome those barriers. Lis always says

‘make decisions that will create peace in your heart’ I do that now and I have successfully broken free from my coercive controlling relationship. I love Lis!!'

Client (RF)

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